hi there..
My nak order cupcake untuk weekend nie boleh?still amik order x akak?My boleh pick up dekat McD drive thru, Taman Equine on Saturday..

Preferred Collection Date & Time : 17.01.09 / 10am
Items/Quantity :
Chocolate cuppies coated with chocolate ganache/ 8pcs
Theme / Design : Petronas KLCC & smiley
Wordings : Hi!
Remarks : Frosting less sweet
Payment : Maybank2u.com

Terima kasih

This is my try on KLCC Twin Tower design.. when i received the order, terus i said,” alamak!’.. so i browsed thru the net, manalah tau kot2 ada yg pernah buat dat design on cuppies.. langsung xder!! hmm.. well, it’s ok.. take it as a challenge.. lagi pun x banyak yg nak di lukis pun.. but still i browsed for the TT images.. siap printed out lagi.. hee.. ;p as for the smileys.. usually the cuppie icing was already buttercream.. bt since MY wanted hers frosted with ganache.. so i overlapped the ganache with buttercream, to make the smileys..  bt still mcm gloomy semacam jer the cuppie colors.. so lastly i added the sprinkles.. to menceriakan de cuppies… hee 😛

after... ceria a bit, rite ;P


thank you, My 😛

My: the cuppies are fine, nice and totally fluffy..my boyfren loves it
so much..plus, after I  put them in the fridge, still fluffy fluffy
sponge-y sponge-y when I took them out to eat.. My friend also
compliment the taste of cuppies.. but then we think the design can be
improved .. maybe you were short with idea during that time.. huhu..
some of the designs in ur blog is really fascinating and cute.. overall
I am a happy and satisfied customer.. yay.. thankz for taking my
order.. 😛 .. ok x abih lagik.. serius sedap.. dah makan half..
simpan half tuk makan esok lak..