Awal2 dh Miss Su ni bgtau nak order cuppies.. she asked for cartoons & MU designs.. oh noi! MU ker?? x pernah lagi buat football team logo.. so, spt biasa, sibuklah dok godek2 internet.. nak tengok mcm mana cuppiebakers did their logo designs.. so kira dh ready lah for the challenge.. just waiting for the green lite jer..

Items / Quantity: MIxed of chocolate & vanilla cupcakes with choc minty filling & usual frosting/icing / 16 pieces
Theme / Design: Elmo, Barney (if possible with “BARNEY” word), Cloud with rainbow, cute flower, ladybird, cute sun, heart & Nemo
Wordings: None
Remarks: Piping Jelly on any of the designs like you did with Elmo’s face & heart shape

nasib baik!!! haaaa… tp she gave another challenge.. barney & nemo!! adoi.. bagus jugaklah.. if not, bila lagi kan nak draw the designs kan… so, godek2 lagi internet.. banyak lah jugak hasil seni keras tangan kt meja komputer tu.. πŸ˜› dan jugak siap printed out de images lagi… πŸ˜› hope your niece likes it Su! tho 1 of the Barney mcm skull, n 1 of the nemo pun a bit cacat!! πŸ˜›



thank you, Su πŸ˜›