1) hi, grace here. May i ask you if i wish to order chinese new year cupcakes from you and i wish to get it on Wednesday at Bandar baru bangi, When is the latest date i put my order?

2) i want order 2 set of the Gong Xi Fa Cai cupcake Set 2,one set butter and another set is chocalate flavour. i hope i can pick up from you at some where bandar baru bangi or near to ukm..

terkejut jugak bila received order from feiling.. mcm manalah she knew about my CNY cuppies.. rupa-rupanya, she’s My coursemate.. My introduced her to cuppiwink:P.. thank you, My!! at first she just ordered 2 sets of SET 2.. to bring home.. then, before delivery day, My sms-ed, nak tambah 1 more SET 2 for their lecturer.. so, oklah.. since i knew wat designs to do.. so it didn’t take long for me to finish the 3 sets.. owh.. btw, i’ve deco-ed the sets with ribbons n CNY stickers.. tp rasa2nya.. the stickers were terbalik kan?? 😛

thank you, Feiling & My 😛