yesss!! at last, i’ve managed to enroll myself to a baking class πŸ˜› haa.. held by Ma’am Lea, at her place in Subang… really proud of myself.. have been dreaming of going to cooking/baking classes for ages.. and K Noni the person who’s jump-started me into cuppie-slavery πŸ˜› was also excited to join me.. yeay!! tho cuppiwink:P has established, but still, i need to learn and know the right techniques of cuppie-baking/decorating.. not just by-hard.. and it was fun.. i get to play around with royal icing, fondant & sugarpaste!! Ma’am Lea is very generous in giving tips/lessons/ideas.. hopefully, Ma’am Lea can open more classes on other types of deco:P .. a Stage 2 class, maybe.. πŸ˜›

thank you, Mama Lea, for your guidance.. chaiyok πŸ˜›