Dear CIMB,

CIMB nak order 2 dozen cupcake coklat sume skali.

– 21 ketol corak2 comel 🙂

– 3 ketol corak I @ U

– bentuk love tu… ada tulisan love lah maksudnya

– nak 2/12/08

Hasmah 😛

yup, another order from Boy’s colleague.. chocolate cuppies.. by now, boleh dikatakan every week they’ll be an order from them.. alhamdulillah.. rezeki.. not complaining… ;p and yup, the ladybird still my high-end deco.. and exploring more designs.. tho they maybe backdated to other cuppie bloggers.. i’ll strive to succeed.. erm.. mcm moto sekolah jer, kan.. ;p

thank you, Hasmah 😛