These cuppies are especially made for my in-laws.. yeler.. asyik dok crita2 jer kan, on my updates.. so, nilah masanya nak buat de real sensory test as well obtaining ‘pengesahan SIRIM’.. ;p Vanilla and chocolate cuppies iced with buttercream and ganache.. i mixed in some flavors, like before, according to the icing color.. as well as piping jelly.. ada jugaklah pressure ckit.. coz i wanted it to be presentable and perfect.. ;p Puas jugaklah hati n ada jugaklah kembang2 ckit hidung when PIL puji my deco.. heee.. ;p terus snapped the cuppies n mms it to my SIL, back in bintulu.. don’t worry, you gals will get ur cuppies, soon ;p

Hope you guys like it 😛