Raya Cuppies for Hami Mulia!

Vanilla cuppies + buttercream

Vanilla base iced with buttercream

Order from Hami, also PAPA’s ex-colleaque. I was not satisfied with the outcome of my deco.. done last minute, an hour before delivery.. at first the cuppies shud be delivered later that nite, bt change of plan, becoz they wanted to balik kampung after work.. mmg haru lah.. dgn tgn menggeletarnya, takut tak sempat kan.. dgn tak konfidennya lagi pegang nozzle.. panic-attacked!!! sorry, Hami! Next time kalau ada sumur di ladang.. i make you, much better ones.. ok..

thank you, Hami 😛

Hami: It’s ok.. Janji sedap di makan!! <– pandai ambik hati ;p