This one very funny ;p K Noni was the one who started talking about cuppies before i ventured into it.. and the day i brought my 1st cuppies, she was on leave. And when Dr Abi ordered her cuppies, i think, she was not around, too… then, one day, K Noni told me that Danial’s birthday is just around the corner.. n he has been craving for his mom’s cuppies… unfortunately they have just moved back here, so everything is still unsettled.. n still i kept quite of my ‘underground cuppies’.. yeler, k noni has started baking cuppies way before me.. malulah ;p n takkan nak promote diri kan ;p

Eventually she found out about my underground activity… heee… n so she ordered vanilla and chocolate cuppies with designs suitable for Danial.. oh noi!! another challenge.. look up some more for boy’s deco..

*K Noni, hope you’re satisfied with the cuppies.. mind my drawings… i know i’m terrible at it.. ;p but i believed practise makes perfect.. later, if i already terror.. i make you another batch, orito?? ;p

thank you, K Noni 😛