My very 1st customer, Dr. Abi.. She actually wanted a brochure on my ‘kek lapis sarawak’ at this moment dh terkubur ckit, for raya order.. then PAPA said, why not add your cuppies to the list, see got sambutan or not.. i was a bit discouraged at first.. yeler.. bila nengok other cuppie blogs.. mak aiii.. mmg kalah lah.. bt then, letak lah jugak reluctantly. Mmg dh tertulis kot, nak dpt rezeki from de cuppies.. straight away Dr Abi ordered 40 cuppies of carrot cake, vanilla & chocolate, after she received the list… flowery2 jugaklah my heart kan.. dapat dat ‘tender’ ;p tp berdebar2 ada gak.. yelah.. dhlah baru jer try baking, then terus dpt order..

thank you, Dr. Abi 😛

and thank you, PAPA, for your belief..