iyeeeerrrppppp!!! my latest addiction!!! cuppiesssssssss!! at first it was only craving for cuppies.. yummm…yummm… yummmm.. then, i bumped into martha stewart’s page.. owhhh!! i like… lots n lots n lots of cuppies……… very tempting!!!! n of coz without any delay, i copied all the recipes… the photos, even!! haa… manalah tau, kot2 ter’rajin’ nak meng’warm-up’ kan my oven.. hee.. yeler.. raya kan tak lama lagi.. heee.. yang penting, niat mesti ada… betul tak??

my very 1st attemp on vanilla cupcakes

apa kat atas tuh??? looks familiar.. heee.. well, since my craved has not been satisfied, yet (erkkk… terok nau bunyi nyer… haaa)… so i decided to……………… end my misery, of coz!! sanggup tuh jalan kaki from my house to jusco.. not that far lah.. dlm 20 mins ada kot.. hee.. lama tak buat walkathon.. i walked alone ok!! mcm zmn bujang2.. heee.. yadaaa.. yadaaa.. yadaaa.. kt jusco, then.. erkkk.. how am i going to carry all these stuff??? berat!! end up, i took de bus.. yg tak sampai 5 min reached my place.. n tambang 50sen jer.. haaa..

sampai umah, terus bagi salam kat buku resepi.. heee… vanilla cuppies…. coming right up!! every journey has its obstacle, rite… yessssssssssss.. lihatlah mixer ku!!!! my 2 year-old mixer.. at last.. terbarai jugak!! lots of memories.. good or bad.. shared with Mixer.. to date, this was my 4th mixer since 2006.. hee.. dahlah time tgh mix butter with sugar, plak tuh.. last2.. guna jer blender.. yadaaaa… yadaaaa…. yadaaaaa…. blend in jer everything…


wallahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. looks yummy, kan!!!! since my acuan kan only muat 6 cuppies, so makan masa gaklah, to finish 1 batch.. it took me about 20 mins per entry.. but it’s ok… worth it!! BIG TIME!! next time, nak try chocolate 0r carrot cake plak lah….

not bad kan, my buttercream swirls?..
since ingredients banyak lagi.. so, try pulak doing de deco.. lama dah my left brain not doing its magic.. i decided on buttercream frosting.. senang sesangat!!!!!!!! n mmg nasib baik sgt de food-colorings as well as the piping tubes ada kt umah… ok tak?? for amateur, not bad lah kan..
so, dptlah gak me n PAPA ELLIE bawak de cuppies to office.. in celebration of the coming Ramadhan 1429H.. as well PAPA ELLIE nak tukar keja (again??).. kira nih jamuan kecil2an lah b4 his leave, mid-Sept nih..

2nd attempt.. kira bolehlah utk bawak ke majlis.. ;p

another batch made for Julie.. my cousin yg dok kt kota kemuning.. ada BBQ at her place, celebrating her birthday.. alang2 ketagihan still at its max, kan.. heee.. my kazen nih also tokey kek lapis.. every year mmg byk giler lah tempahan… i bet rite now dah over hundred dah, de requests.. rezeki… rezeki….

P/S: dis was posted in my other blog just before Ramadhan 08.. so, pardon de delay of de post, ok ;p